The Benefits of different excercises

By: Martha Quiroga

Doing excercise have a great impact  in our life, it can be either physical, emotional, and also spiritual; it is a very important activity we all should do in our normal life, but sometimes knowing that we should do it for our good, we don´t do it. Doing excercise must be something daily as eating, going to school, checking social media, etc. There´s hundreds of different excercises that we can do or try, all of them have benefits; but, have you ever thought about the benefits of some of the common excercises as running, yoga, dancing, pilates, and more?   Well, here are some of  the many benefits of doing certain excercises:


Is one of the best ways of losing weight or maintaining a constant weight, it helps your confidence and self-esteem; when you run, your body is forced to excess energy and hormones, which helps beating depression and other illness; it relieves stress… who said you can´t run away from your problems?, and it reduces the chances of having headache problemas, and for women breast cancer.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Belive it or not, yoga has more than 38 benefits! Such as improves you flexibility, protect you bone health and your spine; makes you happier (beats depression), it inspires you to have a more conscious eating and living, and it helps you to concéntrate in the here and now.


Is the funnest excercise of all! Plus it has many benefits…                                                                                                               Like it helps you boost your memory and prevent dementia as you grow older, is an amazng stress relief, improves flexibility, diminish depression, and helps you to increase energy.


Is an amazing excercise and is super eco-friendly, it´s benefits are that you´ll be relaxed and stress free, you will have and amazing abdomen, waistline, strong upper and lower legs, and you will have brains like Einstein.


is one of the most played and tried activity of all, there are many reasons why, like is the most simple excercise, it can be played by many or just one person; but another reason is that it has lots of benefits…                                                                                                                                                                                              it increases aerobic capacity, it burns ecess of calories, strength the heart and is an excellet cadiovascular excercise; improves muscle tone and strength, helps bone strength, increase confidence and sel-esteem; and promotes teamwork and coordination.                                                                                                                                   


whether you play it at indoors, on the grass, or at the beach, is a great way to stay healthy, fit and to have fun by yourslef or with friends.                                                                                                                                               It burns many calories and fat, tons and shapes the body, and improves your respiratory and cardiovacular system, helps to coordinate hand to eye, build agility, speed, and balance; and improves interpesonal skils such as leardership.

Jumping the rope:

is an incredible excercise, though it seems for only Little girls or boxers; it can be played by you! And will help you a lot like it decreases foot and ankle injuries, burns major calories, 1,300 per hour of vigorous activity, helps coordination, portable and fun, if you used to do it at a younger age, it might bring you good memories; makes you smarter, and improves your ability to stay calm.


“Just Keep Swimming, just keep swimming…” beacuse it has so many benefits such as helps coordination, balance and, posture; is a relaxing and peaceful excercise, provides pleasure in a hot day, relief stress, helps to lose weight and maintain it, builds strength and tones muscles; and provides an all-over body workout.

Playing with your pet:

If you have a pet, this will make you be conscious of how fortunate you are! But if not, you can consider to have one after this….

It improves quality of life, decreases stress, helps children develop, improves mood, lowers colesterol, eases pain, and having a pet with infants prevents 13% of allergies.

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By: Martha Quiroga Galindo, Mat. 553906; 1202. Team: Excercise

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