The Importance of the Olympic Games

By: Jerry Rodriguez
The Olympic Games are one of the major sporting events worldwide, where thousands of athletes gather in a city, selected from previous years, to compete and to determine the world’s best athletes in their
The tradition of the Olympic Games comes from ancient Greece, where there also were held every four years and were held in the Olympia region, near the Mount Olympus, where they thought and believed that the gods lived. In these games, formerly known as the Ancient Games, an athlete of every Greek poly (Greek city) would represent their city in their discipline, in honor of the god of each city.
Olympics eventually began to disappear and started to play again in the late nineteenth century. In 1890 the IOC (International Olympic Committee), was created. The IOC is responsible for selecting the host city for the upcoming games, financing and planning along with the city all about the event itself.
Since the Olympics return, Olympics have produced thousands of historical athletes. Those athletes who won a medal in their discipline have become in stars. Every year that the Olympic Games are made, new sports are being added and considered official.
Why are these games important? The Olympic Games are considered important because they move billions of dollars worldwide. From bets, sponsorships, media that want to transmit them and even tourism.
In the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992, over a hundred countries and about ten thousand athletes came to represent their country. When an event of such importance worldwide comes to a city, it forces it to invest in infrastructure and to make it a much more globally recognized city. Today, Barcelona is a city known worldwide, which the Olympics helped a lot. These Olympics had a huge impact on the economy of Barcelona, tourism, public transport, investors, etc.
Barcelona remodel most of his city as it created a new terminal at the airport to accommodate all the tourists who would be arriving. The Olympic Village, an area that was a very industrial and old, was also created. Now it is an area with many restaurants, hotels, clubs and approximately eight kilometers of beach. No matter that the games were long ago, this whole area remains a major tourist destination that still leaves money to the city. 
In my opinion, I do not see many disadvantages of the Olympic Games as it is a strategy that leaves money to everyone. But one major drawback is when the government begins to divest families of their house to put hotels or restaurants, and leave all those families without a roof.
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