Recommended exercises for your age

By: Ana Paola Castillo

Martha Quiroga

Paola Ortiz

Jerry Rdz



We all know that not every exercise or every sport is for every type of person. For example, there are different types of exercises, ones better than others for some age range. The different types are: of speed, of resistance, of strength, etc… We’ll now see the recommended exercises for your age.


From 15 to 20 years old

Teenagers should start having an exercise habit. Not only to stay in shape,yet to keep healthy. But an exercise of more intensity should be in constant checking of an expert.


Experts recommend that in these ages, go take a some recreative exercises like dance lessons or something that excites you.


From 20 to 30

This is a very complicated age range because women start to become moms and men start to get jobs where they stay a lot of time sitting.


The recommendation in these ages is to take some walks or any other cardiovascular exercise.

From 30 to 40

This is the time where we start to lose muscular fiber, exercising is an excellent way to stop it.


The recommendation is to do mixed activities like skating or something like that.


From 40 to 50

In this time, all we want is to stop getting older. Also women start to have a lot of hormonal changes.


Swimming is a sport ultra recommended because muscles work 5 or 6 times more underwater than outside.


Why should I practice a sport that I like?

We all have been in that moment of our lives when we have to assist or do a certain type of exercise. When we take an activity that we don’t like we will get bored and tired of the same thing, you will also be compromised to something you would not like to invest your time in. It is important to know what you want because if not you will waste your time and money in some cases. Go ahead and enjoy what you like the most, do things positively and with a great attitude. There is no need for you to suffer or feel bored and sacrificed by practicing a sport or any other thing that doesn’t go with your likes you will start to hate it soon or later and you will start to not wanting to exercise. That is why it is really important to choose a sport or workout that suits you, so you can lead a healthier life.



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