The representative teams from “UDEM”

By: Paola Ortiz

At the “Universidad de Monterrey” you can find the representative teams which include a variety of sports and some challenging areas. This include: Soccer, Fast Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Taekwondo, Tennis, Rugby, Archery, Chess and Cheerleading. By being part of this teams you need to be compromised and decided to do whatever it takes, giving a good impression at every time and give always your best . There are many students that risk their free time, parties, friends, trips and a lot of things, to do what they love. Although they get a lot of homework, have partials, and need to make projects, they don’t miss their training lessons to be disciplined and responsible with the choices they made. A majority of the members in the representative teams get a sport scholarship for being able to have another discipline besides school. This students are compromised by maintaining their scholarship, which is complicated since they don’t have many time, but are still completing all the tasks that need to be done. Training is hard but it leaves you success and satisfaction. Everything is up to you, you choose to be responsible, disciplined, to achieve your goals and to be happy with it.


This are some opinions from students in first semester that just started with their training at the representative teams,they tell us how they feel about it and how important it is to be a member of the representative teams:

Fatima Ochoa, 16 years old, plays volleyball at one of the representative teams; “ I am happy and thankful for being able to form part of the representative team of volleyball at “prepa UDEM” since I just started my high school here and I was already able to represent my team at an important game. This requires a lot of demand and dedication, but it is my passion, what I love, and being awarded for this with a scholarship is great but difficult to maintain it and keep it going since I don’t have that much time.”


Humberto Gomez, 16 years old, plays volleyball at one of the representative teams: “I think that being able to form part of the representative team of the UDEM is really important, I personally take it as a responsibility because it takes sacrifice from many things like going to parties, loosing your free time but doing what I love makes me feel happy. I also find it satisfactory since by being part of this team makes me know that all my effort has a purpose that in my case right now is having a scholarship that is helping my parents pay this high school. Being part of the representative team also helps developing good habits, responsibilities, good nutrition and staying healthy.”
By being part of the “troyanos” Family should make you proud by knowing that you are representing the whole high school. This also creates different skills like teamwork and respect to others. Female and Male have the same opportunity in sports, if you don’t fe el preparen for this temas you can try co curricular classes which give you the chance to practice a sport without being in a representative, but never forget that you always need to be compromised. Representative teams let our students be healthy and stay in shape by letting them do what they love, and making them feel part of the “troyanos” family.




Image: Udem equipos representativos – Buscar con Google. (n.d.). Retrieved September 13, 2016, from equipos representativos



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