Which exercise should I do?

By: Martha Quiroga

We all agree that doing exercise must be an important activity through our every day and life, because of its benefits; but choosing an exercise activity, wanting to change or even to know another excercise, can be somehow difficult for some of us. Trying something new is always good and we might be surprised by the results we get; there are thousands of different excercises that we can do or try. Life is too short! Let´s try different excercises and keep them as a regular every day activity as eating, sleeping, etc. We can define which excercise to do according to our likes, preferences, and available time. Maybe we might like to be outdoors and with our friends, but not doing a vigorous exercise; or it might be that we want to do a relaxing activity as an exercise…

There are multiple excercises we can choose and do, so we are now help you to know which exercise will be the best option for you according to your preferences:


  • If you like to be outdoors, doing exercise with your friends or would you like to meet knew people by this activity, and something with easy and understandable rules; you should try: Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball, Tennis.
  • If you want an exercise with music, and easy to make friends and have fun; you must try: dancing.
  • Do you want something vigorous, by oneself, and that burns fat rapidly? well.. we recommend you to try: running, swimming, hiking, boxing, crossfit, and biking.
  • If you want something that has to be with flexibility, and strength, but with elegancy? You will find interesting to try: gymnastics, and ice skating.
  • Are you looking for something that´s all about leadership, teamwork, and strength? try: cheerleaders, and football.
  • Are you one of those people who wants to be indoors, having a relaxing moment but at the same time doing exercise? you must try: yoga, pilates, and tai chai.
  • If you do not have much time, but you want to try some workouts to be fit and better your health condition, and want to something simple, you should try: running, biking, jumping the rope, walking(long distances), push ups, squads, jumping jacks.
  • Do you love water? besides drinking it?, if you say “yes” you must try: canoing, swimming, waterpolo.
  • Are you a fan of fighting, defending yourself, and of martial arts? or just a Karate Kid, Jackie Chan fan?, you must try: tai chai, kung fu, karate, boxing.

*We recommend you that when you are watching t.v, during comercials, you should do abs or squads.


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